“Balance your body, mind and soul.

When any of these 3 are out of balance

our lives will be in a state of

constant turmoil and unease. “

– Anon

I am a Mum-Trepreneur who loves life and healthy living. I am a Wellness Advocate, Body Worker, and I’m on a mission to empower people to take control of their health and wellness and make holistic healthcare MAINSTREAM!

I live in Alice Springs with my husband, Mark, and our two beautiful daughters. My whole family uses essential oils for a balanced life, and wow, with everybody going in a million directions, it definitely helps keep our busy lives in balance.

A number of years ago, I had something pretty full on happen in my life, and this changed everything for me.

I started searching for a quick fix, something that would heal me instantly. It was from this experience that my healing journey began. I tried numerous treatments and therapies to help me. Some helped, and some I fell in love with.

But it was during this journey that I realised that not one therapy will fix you.

It comes from deep inside and if you search within yourself and allow your body, mind and spirit to connect, your own healing journey will begin. I was treading water for so long, until I worked this out. 

I had no idea that my journey to heal myself would change my career to focus on natural and holistic alternatives, including body healing treatments, self-care and essential oils education workshops.

It’s incredible how we, on our own personal journey of healing, can come back stronger, wiser and more determined than before to make the most out of our lives.

“Take a chance and make a positive change in your life today “– 

I challenge you to think about yourself and what you’re wanting to achieve for your optimal health.  I’d love to help empower you to make a personal change and begin your healing journey.

Ready to make a positive change ?

I would love to chat to you about how I can help you achieve optimal health & wellbeing!